The National Primary Health Care Partnership (NPHCP) is a coalition of 21 national peak health organisations representing over 100,000 frontline primary health care professionals.  The NPHCP aims to provide an advocacy body and communications platform for the Australian Primary Health Care sector. It provides a central point of contact for information about and input into the delivery of primary health care services in Australia.

The NPHCP in representing such a broad range of primary health care professionals is committed to  a comprehensive primary health care system that meets the needs of the Australian community. Primary health care, based in the community and delivered by a well trained and diverse workforce which includes doctors and the multitude of highly skilled allied, nursing and other health professionals is where health care should start and be focused.

2014 saw major changes in government policy in primary health care.  The NPHCP is keen to see these new policies succeed in ensuring all members of the community can access high quality and diverse care in their local community.  The NPHCP is committed to working with Government to provide advice and assistance with a view to this new approach producing outcomes. The NPHCP calls on the Australian Government to consult with the NPHCP with a view to  providing consumer-centred, integrated, equitable, evidence based primary health care services delivered by multidisciplinary health care teams.